Edinburgh Festival week two: What to see this week

August 13, 2011


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As a week of chaos ends in England’s capital city so begins another week of wonderful madness and mayhem in Scotland’s capital, at the spectacular Edinburgh festival.  This week more than any we all need a good laugh to lift the heavy weight felt by all during the UK riots.  But with more fabulous acts than you can shake a stick at just waiting to be seen, how will you ever know which shows are for you?

Never fear, we at Travelwyse are here again to trawl through the festival programme and find the best of the talented, the funny, the lovely and the downright bizarre acts the Edinburgh Festival has to offer.  Here are our suggestions of what not to miss in this week of the Edinburgh Festival:

(As with last week’s suggestions, if these shows are not your cup of tea, don’t blame us! We’re coffee drinkers!)


In Comedy -

Anil Desai

Known as ‘The Stand-Up Chameleon’ Desai is an impressionist/stand-up comedian not to be missed!  Desai has stunned audiences around the world with his ambitious 52 impressions in 5 mins and after wowing crowds at last year’s festival, Desai is back with his third solo show, who knows what he can pull out of his bag of tricks this time?  This show is guaranteed to be packed full of impressions, comedy, singing, dancing, stories and more, definitely one to be seen!

Venue – Gilded Balloon Teviot

Showing – 10-18 August

Time – 19:45

Price – £10, £9 weekdays £12, £11 weekends


In Theatre -

Be My Baby

The premise of this play seems quite simple (which is an automatic winner to theatre novices like us): pregnant girls in the 60′s dealing with the reality of being just that, pregnant girls in the 60′s.  Written by Amanda Whittington, ‘Be My Baby’ performed by Louche Theatre, follows the story of Mary Adams, who is 19 years old in 1964 and pregnant. Mary is sent to a mother and baby home by her mother, who she has shamed.  This play promises humour, drama, warm feelings and singing pregnant teens which I imagine can only be endearing (or else it will be bordering on cringe worthy).  Either way Be My Baby looks like it could be the heart-warming show we could all do with seeing just now, why not give it a try?

Venue – Greenside

Showing – 15-20 August

Time – 2.45pm

Price £7.50, £6


In Music -

The Butterfly Effect, Varieté Velociped

This last suggestion is everything the Edinburgh festival is supposed to be, quirky, eclectic, eccentric and pure genius!  Who ever said beat-boxers should be hip young gangstas? And why should a bike be used merely for cycling?  With Varieté Velociped anything goes! Originating from Sweden, Varieté Velociped combine a bizarre mix of noises, rhythms and sounds to create something which is so peculiarly brilliant it can’t even be described.  Watch the following video and if you don’t feel compelled to see these guys in action then we at Travelwyse feel sorry for you: (it gets really good at 0:59)

As we said, pure genius….or is it Lunacy?…Who cares, its sheer brilliance!

Venue – Hill Street Theatre

Showing – 10-15 August

Time – 11:15

Price – £9, £7


Will you be giving any of these a try? let us know in the comments section below!

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  • Louche Theatre

    Hi Everyone…just to say that Louche Theatre’s Be My Baby is on 2.45pm-4.00pm, NOT 6.30pm. We have had two sell out shows this week, so book you tickets with us at the Greenside box office 0131 557 2124!

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the correction. We have now updated the time. Sorry for the error and any confusion this may have caused. Best of luck with the rest of the run.