Places to Visit: Egypt

March 7, 2012


With ancient monuments, a bustling capital city and steeped in tradition and history, Egypt is a great place to go on holiday for all the family.

Egypt via divya

Why visit Egypt

Egypt is the 29th biggest country in the world and is home to over 79 million people. There is plenty to be seen in Egypt with the Pyramids, Red Sea, Cairo and it’s museum as well as many ancient monuments so there is enough to keep all the family happy. You can visit Egypt at any time of the year, just dependant on your heat tolerance. If you prefer a cool evening go between November and March whereas June to September is very hot. April and May are ideal for visiting Egypt as it is more mild.

We have created this list of the Highlights of Egypt but here are a few now to give you a flavour of Egypt:


Cairo skyline via StartAgain


There are so many things to see in Cairo from the Pyramids and Sphinx to the Museum (both of which we will cover in a min) as well as the general atmosphere and the bazaars. There are many parts of Cairo that are definately worth a visit if you have the time. There is the Coptic, old Cairo and Medieval, Islamic Cairo which are both well worth a visit.


Cairo Museum

Cairo Museum via Mostly Dans

With around 120, 000 artifacts, it is no real wonder why so many people take the time out to visit the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. From jewellery, pottery to mummies and King Tutankhamen and his treasures. The statement piece in the museum is, of course, the boy-king’s solid gold death mask.


Pyramids and Sphinx

pyramid and sphinx via ninahale


The only remaining of the Original 7 Wonders of the World the Pyramids of Giza represent one of the biggest architectural achievements by humans. It is the world’s oldest tourist attraction and is the main reason people come to visit Egypt. And if that wasn’t enough, in front of these feats of man, there is the Sphinx the half man, half lion.

Red Sea

Diving at Elphinstone, Red Sea, Egypt

The Sharm el Sheikh Sea sea is famous for scuba diving and snorkeling due to the beautiful fish and colours found below the waters edge. With yeah round sunshine, many years of history and cultural tours there is plenty to enjoy. You can now even get Red Sea Holidays because the destination is so popular.



Well we hope this has given you a taster of what to expect in Egypt and tempted you to go!

Have you been to Egypt before? If so what did you enjoy the most? Planning to go to Egypt? What you looking forward to, let us know…

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