The perfect May weekend break

May 3, 2012


Monday 7th, May bank holiday, is a rare day off for most people and we will be doing the best to make the most of it.

Relaxing by the pool via Tom

There are three main options for you to spend your May bank holiday weekend; Abroad, UK or Home…


Do you need a real treat? Why not look at some holidays in the sun to give yourself a well earned treat so you can really relax.

If you have been saving up and really need to relax, treat yourself and go to a sun location to get yourself out of the house and switch your brain off from work for a while.


Not got enough money to go abroad? Why not holiday in the UK?

We have such a wide ranging country that we actually forget about it all! Take this time to visit places you don’t have the time in a normal weekend to do it. Why take a city break to Manchester, York or Edinburgh for a day or two? Or why not a country retreat such as Devon or Cornwall? There is so much to do and see so make the most of it.


Really feeling the pinch this month, aren’t we all? Why not stay at home and relax?

Take the time to chill out and relax! Go for a walk, have a bath, watch some films and take the time out of your weekend to do nothing and not to feel guilty about it!

Need some advice on where to go for this May break? Check out this post from 101 Holiday Ideas who give great advice of where to go this May.

When you do go on holiday, wherever you decide to go, make sure you take your usual travel essentials with you! If you are not sure about what to take with you, we have created a image bundle of the main things you need to take with you.

Where are you going this year? Abroad, UK or Home? Let us know… although you might make us green with envy….

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