The pros and cons of a career in travel blogging

November 13, 2012

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The 9-5 office lifestyle would have many of us running for the door, and once you have children or other family responsibilities, it becomes very difficult to balance both work and life commitments. Luckily, today’s digital advances mean that working from home is now a possibility for many professionals. Take a look at the ups and downs of being a travel blogger.

Here are some of the pros…

Travel blogging has to be one of the world’s dream jobs – allowing you to see the globe and write about what you love. You can kiss goodbye to a regimented schedule and welcome a life of endless adventure. One day you could be soaking up the sights in culture rich Bangkok and the next you are sipping cocktails off piste in Switzerland. You never know where the job may take you.

“If you’re miserable in your job, your fears are probably stopping you from taking a leap towards something better. Adventurers, artists, travellers, entrepreneurs and dream chasers have one thing in common: they take risks. They’ve cashed in something huge for their passions. They’ve chosen freedom over security”, enthuses Torre DeRoche, a writer who composes her travel blog from a hammock in Thailand.

But is it all positives?

Of course having possibly the world’s greatest job isn’t all positives (no really). It’s most likely that you won’t have a permanent base. It might also be very difficult if you have children to support as it means being away from them for long periods of time. You would also have to be your own accountant. Being a freelancer, you usually have a different contract to internal employees which may mean you are not on the regular payroll. Keeping track of payments, invoices, tax etc can be stressful, so you will either have to learn how to do it yourself or pay someone else for the privilege.

On the up side, you will always be able to keep in touch with friends and family throughout your travels, as they can document you via your blog as you go. You will wow your friends and followers, who will be reading your blogs from their desk chairs in envy. You might even receive a bit of fan mail.

Some good advice…

One factor which probably puts off potential travel writers is that it is generally considered a fairly precarious career path until you have established yourself, which could take a good number of years. Of course your family and friends will support your ambitions no matter what but expect a few raised eyebrows from others until you make it. Persevere until you do, it certainly is a job with more pros than cons!

“My advice is to view your blog as a tool to gain an audience. It’s your platform, but not your product. First, you must build a large following through the tedious task of blogging and building a connection with your fans. Once you have succeeded at that, you then must sell them something. A book, subscription service, discounted trips, travel guides, whatever it may be, you must have that product” says Jason Arcely, writer of
Travel blogging allows you to travel with a unique perspective, from scoping out a unique photograph to surprise your readers, to trying new and exciting cuisine to report back to them – you will try things you otherwise wouldn’t if you were just on holiday. Whether you are hopping on a flight or simply booking a train to a far off land, your followers will encourage you to fill your days seeing the many attractions, sights and tourist venues they wish they could. You need to have something interesting to write about- so you are more likely to go out and find it!

Jodi, one of the writers for perfectly sums up the joys of being a travel blogger. “So here I am in Thailand, almost two years of travel later. I am a happier, more relaxed person with thousands of stories and pictures from some of the more fascinating places on earth. The overriding feeling is that all of this – the crazy bus rides, the dirt, the many mountains to climb and all the glorious food – just feels right.”


Are you a travel blogger? What do you love about it, and what are the challenges? 



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