Ski Scotland

November 14, 2012


Although the UK is not well known for its snow sport potential, Scotland definitely has some distinct advantages as a Ski destination.

For winter sports enthusiasts living in Britain, indulging in their hobby often means a costly and troublesome trip overseas. While winter sports resorts in the Alps are certainly very special, they are far from the only option for those looking to slide down a mountain.

CC 'bob the lomond' (Flickr)

The ski areas in Scotland are not as large as those in other countries. While this means that it may not be as rewarding for a long trip the ease of access means it is great for a short break, such as an impromptu weekend. What better way to liven up winter than a trip to the slopes?

The main winter sport hotspots in Scotland are Nevis Range, Glencoe, Glenshee, Cairngorn & The Lecht.
Prices are very competitive with beginners packages (covering equipment hire, lift passes and instruction) being available from under £55 pounds at the Nevis Range. Lift passes are generally in the £20 -£30 range for adults, while being much cheaper for juniors.

Skiing is very much dependent on there being not only snow, but also the right kind of snow. In recent seasons there has been an abundance at the Scottish resorts, while many continental resorts were left high and and dry. There has been a scheme where you can register for alerts as to when is a good time to ski in Scotland.

Where are your favourite ski spots?

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  • Liam Hallam

    Scotland looks a fantastic option for a weekend away and some skiing although I understand snow levels can be very spontaneous. Where’s the most snowsure of the Scottish resorts?

  • SW7 Taxis

    I’ve seen the images and it appearance pretty amazing.Remember it is spring conditions and there’s no base so it may be gone just as fast.