Where Can You Beat The Winter Blues?

November 19, 2012


The evenings are as dark as night now and the temperature is dropping causing us all to wrap up. Many of us dream of getting some winter sun but with the southern hemisphere being the obvious choice to get some warmth it may be too long a journey for many to take.

We wanted to look at destinations that are a bit closer to home and won’t require a couple of days to recover from jet lag.


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Cyprus is a great winter retreat for those looking to get a little bit of winter sun around themselves. Cyprus has one of the best climates in the Mediterranean and will still be warm towards the end of November to early January.

The sea is also bearable for those looking to get some beach swimming on the go. The best area is the western end of the island with some lively resorts as well as unspoiled natural attractions.

Although the weather won’t be scorching hot, you can expect temperatures in the low 70s with the nights becoming a bit cooler. With a flight time of around four-and-a-half-hours it is not too far away and you should be able to land feeling fresh.


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For many, Lanzarote and Tenerife are the classic destinations to get away to warmer climes in the winter months. They are affordable and with many airlines flying to them finding a good deal should not be too hard.

There may be a bit of a stigma attached to both islands with a “brits abroad” feeling being linked to both. However, there are many areas on both islands that are family friendly with great beaches that don’t involve night clubs open until the early morning.

With temperatures around the low 70s it could be classed close to a good British summer day, there may be the occasional shower but there will still be plenty of sun.


The Portuguese island may not have beaches but it does have some great hotels, nice scenery and winter sun. Fuchal is the capital and makes a great base to tour around the rest of the island.

However there are plenty of places to stay that are quieter. The temperature should be around the mid 60s with occasional showers. Madeira is only three hours away and is definitely a good choice for getting away for a week of sun.

We hope that you found these suggestions handy for thinking of some winter sun destinations. There are few things finer than laying on a beach and thinking of friends shivering back home.

If you have any places that you think people should check out for the winter sun please let us know in the comments section below.


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