Christmas lights around the world: A festive quiz!

December 13, 2012

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Lights, camera and plenty of festive Christmas lights action…

Take a look at the seasonal Christmas lights phenomenon with a globe-trotting flavour, in our name the country/city Christmas light-spotting challenge!

Putting up the lights unites cities round the world at this time of year, from the addition of tastefully-twinkling icicle lights to more ostentatious displays. The practice of covering an entire house must have been born in the USA, but what else do we know about other international tastes and fashions? Time to test your travel knowledge and prejudices/national stereotyping…

So 9 pictures of international Christmas lights and 18 points up for grabs – a point for each for country/city…

Look very closely at each picture and you may find some oh-so-subtle clues!

Jot your guesses as you scroll, as the answers are revealed after the images. No peeking first!

Only one clue… none of them is North Korea.


Christmas lights Los Angeles

Image: Flickr - skalas2


Christmas lights Hong Kong

Image: Flickr - Phillie Casablanca


christmas lights Madrid

Image: Flickr - Alotor


christmas lights Tokyo

Image: Flickr - inoc


christmas lights Vienna

Image: Flickr -Sandy Kirchlechner


christmas lights Malta

Image: Flickr - foxypar4


christmas lights in Brazil

Image: flickr - Denise Mayumi


christmas lights Edinburgh

Image: flickr - I See Modern Britain


christmas lights Colombia

Image: flickr - Luz Adriana Villa A.

And the answers are….

1. USA (Los Angeles)
2. China (Hong Kong)
3. Spain (Madrid)
4. Japan (Tokyo)
5. Austria (Vienna)
6. Malta (Valetta)
7. Brazil (Sao Paolo)
8. UK (Edinburgh)
9. Colombia (Medellin)

So how did you fare? Add your (honest) score in the comments below. Top score in our office = 4/18.

Will be mightily impressed if anyone can top that!

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  • Iain Miller

    I got one right, only because I’ve been drunk there :)