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February 18, 2013

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There are so many apps out there designed for making your travelling life that little bit easier. Today, we’re having a look at what apps are available for different devices and also ways in which technology is being used to allow tourists to learn a bit more about where they are staying. And all the apps that we mention below are free!

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Getting There

There are lots of different apps that you can use to hunt for low fares, hotel booking and car rental. The apps that people seem to keep mentioning are Trip Advisor, Kayak PRO and SkyScanner. All of these apps are very well designed and offer lots of options when searching for flights. It’s a good idea to check out more than one app to compare prices; although the majority will have the same price you might be able to find a discount hidden in there.

Where To Stay

So you  have the flights but still need somewhere to stay. Well, you can look for hotels in the Kayak PRO and SkyScanner, but there are other apps specifically developed for finding places to stay. AirBnB is a great app that lists apartments and rooms that are available to rent. This is great if you want to have a bit more independence than a hotel can offer. If you are looking to travel on a budget then the CouchSurfing app might be an opportunity to find some very cheap accommodation for a few days at a time.

What To Do Once There

You will have done some research on your destination before going but for a quick recap you can try out the WikiSherpa app. It is essentially a mixture of Wikitravel, Wikipedia and OpenStreetMap, allowing you to find out the interesting areas of your destination. It is also a good idea to have a maps app so that you can check where you are but remember that you might need to have a an offline back up, thankfully WikiSherpa has an offline option to allow you to find your bearings.

Speak The Lingo

It is always a good idea to give learning some of the local language a go. But to help you out when your knowledge stops, it’s a good idea to have a translate app that can help you communicate. Apps such as Google Translate can work very well and allow you to translate your speech into the language that you need. It is an important note that the Android has a bit of an advantage over other phones as it is able to read and translate text through its camera and pictures.


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Staying Connected

When working while travelling, it is not always easy to stay in touch with your office or projects that you are working on. Thankfully, there are apps that can keep you in touch, view what is happening with your project and also collect ideas and inspiration. Dropbox is a great app that allows you to collaborate on ideas and projects no matter where you are. Another great app is Evernote that allows you to “clip” interesting ideas and points and store them in one central place allowing you to go back and review.

There are lots of amazing developments with tech and travel that are occurring at the moment. We recently saw a report that in Rio De Janeiro there are going to be around 30 QR codes laid down around the city that will offer information about the surrounding area, giving tourists a little more depth to the area that they are in. Looking forward, it won’t be long until there will be augmented tours that will allow you to see how areas used to be and give you a real feel for different locations’ history.

If there are any travel apps that you simply can’t live without please let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Andy Shattupon

    Way to go – awesome article that both entertains and informs. Just one question though….as part of the world wide web why have you chosen NOT to link to any of the things you are talking about? It is almost as though you have no vested interest in the products or services that these businesses provide.

  • London Rickshaw Services

    Couldn’t live without Tripit, best post ever and app isn’t too unhealthy either.